Bible Study

Church Programs:

In addition to a Bible-based sermon preached during our Worship Service, Powhatan offers a Sunday School program, where both new and established members (of all ages) learn the foundations of Christianity, study Biblical passages, and discuss the application of these lessons in our daily lives. This is where we learn “the basics.”

We also offer a Sunday-evening Bible Study service, in which our pastor leads us on an in-depth study of the Bible in a relaxed and interactive atmosphere.

For more details on the services, please see our Services page.

Search the Bible:

Search the Bible for a particular scripture through the Bible Study Tools website. Use the links here, or use the Search the Bible tool at the bottom of the page. Find verses by entering keywords or phrases (forgiven or confess with thy mouth) or by entering the direct scriptural passages (John 3:16 or 2 Timothy 1:7). The Bible Study Tools website offers several Bible translations for searching.

Commentaries Links:

This link takes you to the Commentaries section of the Bible Study Tools website. There are several searchable online commentaries available here to help you. Here are direct links to a few:

How to Use the Commentaries: To use these online commentaries effectively, you should know the book and chapter you wish to learn more about. If you’re not sure of the specific book or chapter you want, use the Search the Bible function described at the top of this page to find the scripture first.

Witnessing Helps:

Romans Road Pocket Roadmap Print this out, cut along the lines, and you’ll have 10 business-card-sized copies of the Romans Road. Keep them in your wallet for reference when you need to explain the basics of salvation, or give them away to people with questions.

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