Sarah McKee & her son, Andrew – update

From Jane:

Andrew does not have a brain tumor (Praise the Lord) he has a collection of blood vessels that grew into his brain that shouldn’t bother him unless he hits that side of his head, then there is a possibility that he could bleed out if he isn’t taken to the hospital right away – this is what his mother told me. Her surgery date is coming soon.

Please continue to pray for this family, and thank God that Andrew does not have cancer!

Dan Hester – Praise Report

From Dan Hester:

Hi Brother Scott. I have good news I would like to share with our Church. The results of my biopsy were negative yesterday. God is still working on the infection that I have had for almost a year, but prospects are good that a new procedure will take care of it. I will be having it done on the 27th of this month. Powhatan’s undying faith and prayers have been heard by our Heavenly Father, and I will forever be thankful for those prayers and good wishes from all of you. I could feel the warmth and Power of God in every card, every call and during every Service that I have missed. I have missed you all, and hope to return soon to see my Friends in Christ.
Thank you.
Dan Hester

Cathy Jones – update

From Kim Jones Brock:

Moma came thru surgery and all went well. She had no complications with recovery. She is now in room #7048 at Rex Hospital. She is in great spirits and has been up and walking around since she has gotten to her room (about 1:45 this afternoon). Thank you for all for your prayers. Our family appreciates the calls, cards, and visits. It means a lot to us. Moma really appreciates Preacher Roger coming up to the hospital so early in the morning. What a blessing you have been to moma! Continue to lift her up, while recovering. She expects to go home tomorrow.

Dan Hester – praise report

From Pastor Roger:

I spoke to Dan Hester this morning and he got a wonderful report from this doctors. A few days ago, there were levels showing in his exams that pointed to the fact that he could be facing possible prostate cancer. However, he received a call from his doctor this morning with updated test results showing that his levels were normal – no cancer.

He will still be on antibiotics for the next couple of weeks to clear up the infection, but he is praising God for answered prayer.