Dennis & Karen Underwood

From Gina:

“Daddy wouldn’t wake up Friday…yesterday…so my brother called the rescue. He’s up in Wake Med. His sugar level was 38. He’s got a lot going on. Last night his sugar went as low as 14. His body temp was 75 so they had him on a heated blanket. We’re on our way to the hospital now. Momma is sick so she had to go to urgent care.

Please pray for the whole family.

Nancy Poole

From Pastor Johnathan:

Ms. Nancy is out of surgery and she is doing well. She broke the record in Smithfield and got seven stents at one time! I just got off the phone with Tracy and he said it was okay to let everyone know that she’s out of surgery and doing well but she still needs some prayer. She’ll be at the hospital in Smithfield for at least another 2 days.