Update on Karen Underwood

Karen has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure in addition to her lung issues. They performed an extraction this morning and removed a litter of fluid from her lungs. They have her on medication for the rest of the excess fluid, and there may be a surgery involved in addressing the fluid around her heart.

Her daughter Gina is at the hospital this morning and asked Karen if she was afraid. Karen said no, she wasn’t worried a bit. She said “God’s got this!”

Please continue praying for Karen and her family.

Update on Sandra Peedin

From Kelly:

“Momma’s new address is BellaRose c/o Sandra Peedin Room 408B 200 BellaRose Lake Way Garner, NC 27529. Visitation is open for 2 people at a time from 11-7 every day. She doesn’t have a phone number yet except her cell. She doesn’t have her cell right now. It is messed up but will hopefully be fixed soon. This place is MUCH nicer. Please keep us in your prayers.”