Charlie Beal

From Pastor Roger:

Charlie Beal went in to surgery around 8 AM this morning and he is now in recovery.  The surgery went well and they did not have any issues.  He should be out of recovery around 6 – 6:30 PM.

As I know more, I will keep everyone posted.

By the way, he talked about how much he loved the people of Powhatan this morning before he went into surgery.

Jenson August Oliver

From Jim & Jessica:


Welcome the new baby Oliver. Jenson August Oliver was born today [August 10] at 10:45 am. He weighs 8 lbs 12 oz and likes to eat! Mama and Papa are extremely happy and relieved that he is here safe and sound. Big sister Jackie has been informed, but we do not know her opinion yet concerning her new baby brother…we’re sure they’ll get along just fine.


Jim & Jessica

Brian Tant – update

From Lee Schwarz (via Wanda Benson):

Brian is out of surgery. He is in the ICU with breathing tube out & is responsive. I will get to see him soon. Dr. Zanationn & Dr. Hackman said everything went beautifully. No blood transfusions needed! God is so good & has answered many prayers! Thank you for your love, support & prayers! Lee

 What a blessing. Our GOD is good. Please keep Brian and his family in your prayers. I will update as I hear from Lee.

Prayer List – September 16, 2012

These are the names currently on our Prayer List. Please let me know if I have missed anyone:

Tommy Adcox (J. Adcox);

Doug Atwood (W. Benson);

Helen Austin (A. Narron);

Rev. Fred Baker (R. Hill);

Willard Baker (G. Dupree);

Penny Barbour (S. Peedin);

Mike Barnes (R. Hill);

Clayton Bennett (R. Bennett);

Terri Benson (L. Smith);

Wanda Benson (R. Hill);

Jim Blackman (R. Hill);

Linda Sue Blackman (L. Coats);

Darrell Blankenship (R. Bennett);

Mildred Bomar (C. Bomar);

Harriet Brown (L. Stevens);

Jaylee Brown (R. Hill);

Linda Bunn (R. Hill);

Jesse & Frances Brown (L. Stevens);

Andrew Campbell (B. Harden);

Isabel Canady (C. Williams);

Billy Capps (J. Hardy);

Charles Carter (J. Carter);

Katie Carter (G. Hill);

Ashley Casey (R. Hill);

Marshall Casey, Jr. (B. Capps);

Marshall Casey, Sr. (M. Casey, Jr.);

Deana Chaimovich (R. Hill);

Dalton Coats (J. Coats);

Jamie Coats (R. Hill);

Judy Coats (J. Coats);

Lisa Coats (J. Coats);

Maurice Coats (J. Coats);

Katelyn & Mickey Cook (T. Thornton);

Carolyn Craven (L. Blackman);

Kelsey Coats Dean (R. Hill);

Mary Dudley (R. Hill);

Gina Dupree (L. Coats);

Percell & Hettie Eason (C. Bomar);

Johnny & Teresa Edwards (R. Hill);

Cooper Ellington (J. James);

Ellen Evans (S. Chestnut);

Carolyn Faircloth (J. Chestnut);

Rev. Frank Flowers (R. Hill);

Roger Gilbert (L. Spencer);

Dee Glover (JE Barbour);

Jimmy Griffin (L. Stevens);

Laurence & Lera Guy (M. Guy);

Mike & Pauline Haislip (W. Benson);

Donald Hall (B. Canady);

Rex Hamrick (R. Bennett);

Dean Hardy (J. Hardy);

Jane Hardy (J. Capps);

Richard Hardy (J. Hardy);

Rev. Ronnie Hayes (R. Hill);

Dan & Patsy Hester (R. Hill);

Jim & Ann Holmes (J. Holmes);

Beverly Honeycutt (M. Tigner);

Tommy & Becky Ives (R. Stevens);

Marshall Jameson (JE Barbour);

Joe & Rosy Jenkins (R. Hill);

Dustin Johnson (S. Greene);

Betty Johnson (R. Hill);

Harold Jones (J. Jones);

Jeremy Jones (R. Jones);

Valerie King (G. Heath);

Ada Kittle (W. Benson);

Danielle Lancaster (C. Bomar);

Diane Lancaster (R. Hill);

Garry Lane (J. Chestnut);

Adalia Langdon (L. Stevens);

Alex Lee (R. Hill);

Kayden Linhart (C. Blinson);

Grace Lutz (R. Stevens);

Annie Markham (R. Hill);

Todd McCrimmon (J. James);

Sarah & Andrew McKee (J. Hardy);

Harold McLeod (W. Benson);

Ricky McLeod (W. Benson);

Shelby McLeod (R. McLeod);

Tex Medlin (B. Capps);

Robin Miller (B. Cole);

Duane Moore (B. Harden);

Michelle Najanick (L. Stevens);

Brandon Narron (A. Narron);

Frank Narron (C. Bomar);

Evelyn Parrish (B. Harden);

Earl & Nancy Poole (J. Coats);

Tammy Price (L. Smith);

Elgie Rhodes (L. Smith);

Rodney Rhodes (G. Hill);

Daniel & Lisa Ross (R. Hill);

Sammy Sanders (L. Stevens);

Karen Schultz (M. Tigner);

Bob Scott (D. Harden);

Teresa Shifley (B. Barbour);

Billy Simmons (R. McLeod);

Linda Smith (L. Smith);

Tabitha Smith (J. Coats);

Glen Starts (M. Tigner);

Bobby & Brenda Stephenson (R. Hill);

Eloise Stevens (R. Stevens);

Kenneth & Marilyn Strickland;

Brian Tant (B. Harden);

Kasey, Savannah, & Stephanie Tart (J. Hardy);

Ashley Thompson (C. Lee);

Ed Thorne (C. Lee);

James Tigner (M. Tigner);

Michelle Tigner (M. Tigner);

Evelyn Vinson (L. Stevens);

Mary Sue Warren (R. Hill);

Thelton Warrick (R. Hill);

Josh West (B. Barbour);

John Whitley (JE. Barbour);

Shannon Wilcox (J. Hardy);

Clara Williams (C. Williams);

John Willis (D. Riggs);

Pearl Wood (J. Jones);

Marvin Woodard (C. Williams);

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Our Senior Citizens; Our Nation;

and God’s People – the Israelites.