Update 2 on Percy Smith

Percy is still in the ER (Wake Med does not have any available rooms). They were able to give him something for the pain last night, so he got some sleep. The spot of bleeding on his brain they had found last night had stopped, but there is another small bleed. They will monitor that and run further tests tomorrow.

He is stiff and sore, but he has passed all the cognitive tests they have run.

Please continue to pray!

Linda Beal

Linda’s home in Florida came through the storm with minimal damage.

From Linda:

Some damage to the roof and flashing and trim etc. No flooding here on our property. On the mainland there’s massive flooding. My brother lives two blocks away and the roof came off his house and they have other major issues there. Thanks for thinking of us. I know a lot of church members are praying. Love to all. God bless. No power, no Internet, but we survived. That’s what’s important.

Pray for her family, and for everyone affected by this storm.

Update 2 on Connie Munden

From Mark:

She had her third treatment last Wednesday for three days without a problem. She has to have her treatment by a slow delivery pump that is taken home then a nurse comes and removes it from her port. Seems to be working well and Connie is saying she feels a little better.

Also, Mark says the chemo has eased the pain in Connie’s leg, and she is able to take a few steps without hurting.

Please continue to pray for them both.