Women’s Ministry

“The triangular emblem of the Woman’s Auxiliary lists service, devotion, and missions as its different sides. We strive for devotion to God’s word and faithfulness to His service. The Women’s Auxiliary is a group of women that aid in the ministries of their church and her associations through personal ministry and youth groups. As a local group, we work within our own congregations to encourage women to become members and take part in our monthly programs and activities. Women who are interested in spiritual growth through Bible study, support, and promotion of worldwide missions, benevolence, and Christian fellowship will find unlimited opportunities in the Women’s Auxiliary.”

The Woman’s Auxiliary meets on Family Nights in the new Fellowship Hall. From study courses to missions work, from prayer ministries to overseeing our Youth program, the Woman’s Auxiliary seeks and follows God’s direction. Our current president is Donna Price.

OFFICERS 2021-2022
President: Donna Price
Vice President: Lynne Holloman
Treasurer: Pam Radford
Secretary: Jeanette Canady
Program Prayer Chair: Wanda Benson
Benevolence Chair: Kristin Radford
Mission Chair: Hayley Hodge
Study Course Chair: Donna Fitzgerald
Youth Co-Chairs: Pam Radford & Wanda Benson

Church Building

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