Announcements for Sunday, January 26, 2019

Youth Sunday: Our Youth are conducting our services this morning. All Sunday School classes are meeting together in the Fellowship Hall.
Quarterly Communion: This evening at 6 pm.
Prayer Meeting: Wednesday, January 29 at 7 pm.
Meal Train: We have set up a meal train for Rayford & Geraldine Byrd (https://mealtrain.com/d97de3). See Pam Radford or Wanda Benson.
Clayton Area Ministries (CAM): In our foyer, we are collecting canned and boxed items to support our local food bank.
Woman’s Auxiliary Chicken Pastry Fundraiser: Sunday, February 2 after the Worship Service. See Donna Price.
Woman’s Auxiliary Breakfast: Saturday, February 8 at 9 am. The Woman’s Auxiliary invites all ladies to bring a breakfast dish and a friend and join us to hear an inspiring testimony by Rachel Camarota. Please see Kristin Radford with any questions.
Women of Joy Conference: May 1-3 in Myrtle Beach. See enclosed flyer.

Greeters Nursery Attendants
Special Music
Youth Youth Youth
Next Week
Judy Coats
Beverly Casey
Jeanette Canady Sue Greene
January Birthdays
January Anniversaries
Marie Jethro 1/2 Johnny & Teresa Edwards 1/13
John Spencer 1/3 Charlie & Carol Williams 1/14
Sue Byrd 1/10 Jimmy & Sandra Peedin 1/15
Tommy Fitzgerald 1/12
Ty Lumley 1/12
Jackie Guy 1/13
Brenda Guin 1/14
Rob Cormack 1/17
Alexander Lumley 1/17
Linda Smith 1/19
Jeanette Canady 1/24
Nancy Poole 1/30
February Birthdays
February Anniversaries
Chuck Dupree 2/5 Percy & Almetrice Smith 2/8
Carter Bomar 2/9 Tommy & Donna Fitzgerald 2/14
Pam Radford 2/9 Dale & Donna Price 2/14
Tracey Willis 2/9 Chris & Pam Radford 2/14
Wanda Benson 2/10 Steve & M’lissa Pickens 2/19
Cole Thornton 2/11 Johnny & Janet Codispoti 2/21
Onnie Greene 2/15
Storm Smith 2/17
Roger Hill 2/26
Rita Jones 2/26
Lisa Ross 2/26
Scott Kepley 2/27
Karen Underwood 2/27

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