Announcements for Sunday, September 25, 2016

Christmas Play: If you or your child signed up to participate in the Christmas Play, come to the meeting in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the Worship Service this morning. Speaking parts will be given out and practice dates will be discussed. See Denise Underwood for details.
Bible Study: This afternoon at 6 pm.
Prayer Meeting: Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 7 pm.
BBQ Chicken Fundraiser: Friday, Sept. 30. See Buck Canady for details.
Fall Fest at The Children’s Home: The Youth will visit The Children’s Home for Fall Fest on Saturday, October 1. There will be lunch, games, crafts, a praise & worship service, and a message brought by David Norris. See Pam Radford for details.
Family Night w/Covered-dish Dinner: Wednesday, October 5. Dinner starts at 6 pm. Family Night services start at 7 pm.
Clayton Area Ministries (CAM): In our foyer, we are collecting canned and boxed items to support our local food bank.

Greeters Nursery Attendants
Special Music
Sandra Peedin
Janet Jones
Kim Barnes Sue Greene
Next Week
Clayton Bennett
Regina Bennett
Traci Bunn Ginger Hill
September Birthdays
September Anniversaries
Joshua Edwards 9/4 Justin & Lisa Ross 9/4
Jane Hardy 9/4 Billy & Connie Barton 9/6
Dan Harden 9/5 Charles & Joyce Carter 9/6
Blake Hodge 9/6 Mike & Pauline Haislip 9/6
Linda Bunn 9/10 Rob & Kelly Cormack 9/11
Dillon Ellis 9/15 Jim & Ann Holmes 9/21
Lilly Spencer 9/15 Chuck & Cathy Lee 9/22
Nelson Blinson 9/17 Jeff & Wanda Benson 9/26
Larry Byrd 9/18 Garland & Elgie Rhodes 9/26
Geraldine Byrd 9/19 Larry & Linda Smith 9/30
Cathy Lee 9/20
DJ Brooks 9/21
Buck Canady 9/25
Kerry Chestnut III 9/25
Shane Hardy 9/25
Justin Ross 9/27
Grayson Marcom 9/28
Percy Smith 9/30
October Birthdays
October Anniversaries
Buck Turner 10/2 Brandon & Ashley Dudley 10/5
Natalie Norris 10/3 Earl & Nancy Poole 10/11
Mack Lassiter 10/5 Onnie & Sue Greene 10/21
Regina Bennett 10/7 Chuck & Gina Dupree 10/26
Carol Blinson 10/10
Charlie Williams 10/16
Johnny Edwards 10/17
Gala Hogg 10/17
Kristin Radford 10/25
Justin Bunn 10/27
Trey Mann 10/28
Blake Ross 10/28

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