Announcements for Sunday, May 22 2022

Prayer List: See our Prayer List and our recent Prayer Requests.

VBS Decorating: VBS starts June 1. We need people to stay after the Worship Service this morning to help move furniture. See Melissa Lumley or Hayley Hodge. We are also looking for donations of wire hangers, greenery/vines, and brown paper grocery bags. We still need helping hands for decorating work Thursday night from 6 to 8 pm. Crafting skills are not required.

Choir Practice: This afternoon at 5 pm.

Bible Study: This evening at 6 pm in the Fellowship Hall, Pastor Johnathan will lead our Bible Study service.

Deacons Meeting: Moved to Monday, May 23 at 7 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Prayer Meeting: Wednesday, May 25 at 7 pm in the Fellowship Hall, Pastor Johnathan will lead our Prayer Meeting service.

Change for Children: May is Change for Children month for the FWB Children’s Home. Blue bags are available in the foyer. Collect your spare change during the month and bring it in next Sunday, May 29.

Fifth Sunday: May 29 is the fifth Sunday of the month. In accordance with our by-laws, we will not hold our Bible Study service that night.

Samaritan’s Purse Item of the Month: Each month, we will be collecting a different item to pack in our Samaritan’s Purse Christmas boxes for 2022. May’s focus is on small flashlights and batteries. Place items in the box in the Fellowship Hall. Monetary donations are also appreciated. Our goal this year will be 200 boxes. See Pam Radford.

VBS Meals: We are asking for monetary donations during the month of May to help provide meals for VBS. If you would like to help with this, see Sandra Canady or Joyce Carter. You can also write a check to the church and earmark it for “VBS food.”

Register for VBS: You can register by visiting our VBS page, under Ministries.

Clayton Area Ministries (CAM): We are collecting non-perishable food and personal care items for our local food bank. Baskets have been placed at the door to the Sanctuary and the door to the Fellowship Hall. See Jeanette Canady.

Contact Us: See our Contact Us page to reach us, or to find the church’s mailing address.

Greeters Nursery Attendants
Special Music
Janet Chestnut
May Birthdays
May Anniversaries
Connie Barton 5/1 Blake & Hayley Hodge 5/2
M’lissa Pickens 5/3 Hunter & Kim Barnes 5/11
Alexis Johnson 5/5 Robert & Danielle Galvin 5/17
Barbara Barbour 5/7 David & Krystal Guin 5/18
William Wells, Jr. 5/7 Dan & Becky Harden 5/20
Matthew Bennett 5/11 Kris & Wendi Massey 5/22
Garland Rhodes 5/13 Ray & Lynne Holloman 5/29
Nathan Jacobs 5/17
Jonathan Barbour 5/21
Janet Jones 5/21
Clara Barnes 5/22
Jackson Barnes 5/22
Abigail Solomon 5/24
Matthew Solomon 5/24
Robert Galvin 5/25
Cortni Bunn 5/27
Jonathan Massey 5/29

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