Announcements for Sunday, March 26, 2017

Public Service Appreciation Day: Today we honor our active and retired Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire Fighters. Thank you all for your service!
Velocity: The Youth trip to Velocity this afternoon has been canceled.
Bible Study: This afternoon at 6 pm.
Prayer Meeting: Wednesday, March 29 at 7 pm.
Clayton Area Ministries (CAM): In our foyer, we are collecting canned and boxed items to support our local food bank.
Family Night w/Covered-dish Dinner: Wednesday, April 5. The dinner will start at 6 pm, and Family Night services will start at 7 pm.
Ladies Conference at Branch Chapel: Saturday, April 8, with Priscilla Shirer. See Pam Radford.
Easter Egg Hunt: Sunday, April 9 after the Worship Service, for grades 5 and under. Also, we need individually wrapped candy for the plastic eggs by April 2. See Wanda Benson or Kim Barnes.
Spring Revival: Spring Revival services will start Sunday night, April 9 at 6 pm. The services will continue Monday, April 10 through Wednesday, April 12, at 7 pm each night.
Easter Sunday: April 16. Sunrise Service will be at 6:45 am. We will not have our evening Bible Study.
Quarterly Business Meeting: Wednesday, April 19 at 7 pm.

Greeters Nursery Attendants
Special Music
Herman Lancaster
Dianne Lancaster
Hayley Hodge JE Barbour
Next Week
Clayton Bennett
Regina Bennett
Lisa Ross Denise Underwood
March Birthdays
March Anniversaries
Teresa Edwards 3/3 Stewart & Jane Hardy 3/1
Danielle Galvin 3/3 Brandon & Michelle Tigner 3/10
Ann Holmes 3/4
Pauline Haislip 3/6
Cody Jones 3/6
Sean Lee 3/7
Olivia Canady 3/12
Ty Harden 3/16
Samantha Dupree 3/17
Gavin Guin 3/17
Jim Blackman 3/18
Anthony Johnson 3/18
Denise Underwood 3/18
Ellen Evans 3/22
Savannah Hicks 3/23
Becky Harden 3/24
Kim Canady Barnes 3/25
Winston Daughtry 3/25
Donna Fitzgerald 3/25
Herman Lancaster 3/27
Trevor McInnes 3/31
Elgie Rhodes 3/31
April Birthdays
April Anniversaries
Tammy Amaon 4/2 Larry & Sue Byrd 4/1
JE Barbour 4/2 Frank & Ann Narron 4/10
Courtney Thornton 4/2 Dennis & Linda Kennedy 4/13
Carol Broughton 4/3 Ray & LaRue Stevens 4/15
Alex Broughton 4/4 Nelson & Carol Blinson 4/17
Marcia Amaon 4/6
Jimbo Peedin 4/6
Betty Johnson 4/12
Dustin Johnson 4/12
Noah Galvin 4/13
Hunter Barnes 4/18
Tracey Thornton 4/20
Brandy Haley 4/22
Judy Coats 4/24
Joyce Adcox 4/26
James Tigner 4/27


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