Announcements for Sunday, November 22, 2019

Sunday School: We are holding a single collective adult Sunday School class in the sanctuary. The Teen class will meet in the Original Fellowship Hall, and younger children will meet in the Elementary classroom. Classes will run from 10:00 to 10:30 am. Our social distancing guidelines remain in place.
Worship Service: We are assembling in the Sanctuary this morning at 11 am. The social distancing guidelines for our assembly are here. We will also live-stream the service through our Live Stream page.
Welcome our new Youth Pastor! Jonathan Barbour and his wife Kaitlyn are with us this morning. Make them welcome!
Deacon Ordination Service: We will ordain our two newest deacons (Skip Day and Todd Marcom) during the service this morning.
Contact Us: Contact Pastor Roger at 919-274-9922 or pianorev88@yahoo.com to be added to our calling tree. See our Contact Us page to reach our Deacons or other church officers, or to find the church’s mailing address.
Prayer Meeting: We will live-stream our in-person and virtual Prayer Meeting on Wednesday, November 25 at 7 pm through our Live Stream page.
Meal Train: Sign up to help Joyce Carter and Deane Casey on Facebook, or contact Pam Radford. Janet Jones is also receiving meals, but her train is full!
Nursing Home Outreach: Local nursing homes remain closed to visitors due to coronavirus concerns. We have suspended these visits until the nursing homes reopen to visitors. Please pray for the residents and their families.
Video Sunday School Lessons by Cross & Crown: Cross & Crown, a division of the Free Will Baptist Press Foundation, is posting video Sunday School lessons on their website. Go to Crosswise LIVE! (https://www.cross-crown.org/crosswise-live) and select the video you want to watch.

Greeters Nursery Attendants
Special Music
Next Week
November Birthdays
November Anniversaries
Emberly Fisher 11/2 Kerry & Barbara Chestnut 11/21
Linda Kennedy 11/2 Buck & Sandra Canady 11/22
Johnny Codispoti 11/3 John & Lilly Spencer 11/22
Traci Bunn 11/5 Scott & Janet Chestnut 11/23
Mike Haislip 11/5
Chuck Lee 11/5
Barbara Chestnut 11/7
Sandra Peedin 11/8
Beverly Casey 11/10
Alexis Jones 11/11
Donna Price 11/11
Sandra Canady 11/17
Kerry Chestnut 11/17
Rickey McCleod 11/17
Kevin Betts 11/19
Ann Narron 11/22
Chris Willis 11/22
Alhana Haney 11/26
Riley Haney 11/26
Mark Guy 11/29
Michael Jethro 11/29

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