Announcements for Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mortgage Burning: This morning, we celebrate paying off the Building Loan. We will have a catered lunch in the fellowship hall immediately after the Worship Service.
Oak Grove Youth Fest: The teens will be leaving for Oak Grove at 5 pm this afternoon. Eric Carter is speaking, and the theme is “My God is a Chain Breaker.” See Wanda Benson or Pam Radford.
Bible Study: This afternoon at 6 pm.
Deacons Meeting: Monday, August 21 at 7 pm.
Prayer Meeting: Wednesday, August 23 at 7 pm.
Birthday Party: Robert and Danielle Galvin invite everyone to celebrate Madelyn’s first birthday at 2:30 pm this Saturday, August 26 at the church.
Back-to-School Bash: Rescheduled to next Sunday, August 27 at noon. There will be no Youth Classes that afternoon. See Pam Radford.
Youth Car Wash & Doughnut Sale: Saturday, September 9 from 8 am to noon. We will pre-sell boxes and gift certificates. See Pam Radford.

Greeters Nursery Attendants
Special Music
Tracey Thornton
Gina Dupree
Kim Barnes 1. Regina Bennett & friends
2. Crystal Robertson
Next Week
Janet Jones
Lynn Holloman
Lisa Ross John Spencer
August Birthdays
August Anniversaries
Todd Marcom 8/4 Steve & Tammy Amaon 8/21
Cheyenne Neighbors 8/4 Brian & Traci Bunn 8/30
Susan Yamakawa 8/4
Joel Bjorling 8/7
Skip Day 8/8
Kelly Cormack 8/11
Sue Greene 8/14
Barbara Johnson 8/14
Dee Glover Day 8/15
Craig Norris 8/15
Larry Smith 8/16
Brodie Cormack 8/17
Kayden Johnson 8/20
Hunter O’Brien 8/24
Donna Riggs 8/24
Kyle Benson 8/29
Madelyn Galvin 8/31


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