Announcements for Sunday, April 5, 2019

Drive-in/Live-streaming Service: Out of concern for the health of our members, we will again hold a drive-in service in the parking lot Sunday morning. We will stay in our cars while Pastor Roger delivers a sermon through the speakers set up outside. For those wishing to listen from home, we will begin live-streaming the audio at 11 am on our new Live Audio page.
Contact Us: Contact Pastor Roger at 919-274-9922 or pianorev88@yahoo.com to be added to our calling tree. See our Contact Us page to reach our Deacons or other church officers, or to find the church’s mailing address. See our Subscribe via SMS page to receive text notifications when our Prayer List is updated.
Spring Revival Services Cancelled: The Spring Revival scheduled to begin this evening has been cancelled. We will not have services this evening.
Prayer Meeting: Instead of our scheduled Family Night, we will live-stream a Prayer Meeting on Wednesday, April 8 at 7 pm via our new Live Audio page.
Easter: Next Sunday is Easter! This virus may separate us with more distance than we prefer, but nothing can separate us from the love of our God! We will hold a drive-in/live-streaming Sunrise Service at 6:45 am, weather permitting. If it’s raining, we will hold the service via live-stream only. At 11 am, we will hold our Easter Worship Service in the same manner.
Quarterly Business Meeting: Originally scheduled for Wednesday, April 15, this will be rescheduled when we can meet together again.
Nursing Home Outreach: Local nursing homes are closed to visitors due to coronavirus concerns. We are suspending these visits until the nursing homes reopen to visitors.

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Special Music
Next Week
April Birthdays
April Anniversaries
Tammy Amaon 4/2 Skip & Dee Day 4/1
JE Barbour 4/2 Frank & Ann Narron 4/10
Courtney Thornton 4/2 Dennis & Linda Kennedy 4/13
Marcia Amaon 4/6 Ray & LaRue Stevens 4/15
Jimmy Peedin 4/6
Hunter Barnes 4/8
Lawrence Crabtree 4/9
Kay Stokely 4/11
Betty (BJ) Johnson 4/12
Noah Galvin 4/13
Deane Casey 4/19
Tracey Thornton 4/20
William Wells 4/21
Robby Smith 4/23
Judy Coats 4/24
Joyce Adcox 4/26
Jonathan Jacobs 4/27

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