Announcements for Sunday, June 26, 2016

VBS: Vacation Bible School starts tonight and runs through Thursday! We will eat from 6 to 6:30 pm, and then VBS will last until 8:45 pm. Pray for the organizers, the teachers, and the students, and pray that God is glorified!
VBS Volunteers needed: We need one last volunteer to teach the adult class on Wednesday night. If you would like to help, please see Pam Radford.
VBS Food Items Needed: If you would like to donate food items to help with the cost, there is a signup sheet in the foyer. We also need monetary donations to help purchase meats, pizza, etc. You may earmark a donation for VBS or give your donation to Sandra Canady. Thank you in advance for helping with this.
Mud Cats Game: Friday, July 15. We will meet at the stadium. All youth will be paid for by the Youth Fund. All adults are $7. If you are interested in going, please pay and let Pam Radford know today. Tickets must be purchased in advance.
Children’s Home Donations: We are collecting paper products (paper towels, napkins, tissues, plates, cups, disinfecting wipes, and food storage bags) for the FWB Children’s Home. There is a box in the foyer. Collections will continue until Sunday, July 10.
Clayton Area Ministries (CAM): In our foyer, we are collecting canned and boxed items to support our local food bank.

Greeters Nursery Attendants
Special Music
Clayton Bennett
Regina Bennett
Lisa Ross Sue Greene
Next Week
Wanda Benson
Pam Radford
Kim Barnes Ginger Hill
June Birthdays
June Anniversaries
Dakota Underwood 6/1 Harold & Janet Jones 6/1
Jim Holmes 6/3 JE & Barbara Barbour 6/3
Josie Bjorling 6/4 Joey & Jeanette Canady 6/17
Alex Broughton 6/4 Craig & Natalie Norris 6/17
Wilhelmina Wall 6/4
Seth Edwards 6/6
Michelle Tigner 6/8
Austin Ellis 6/11
Gina Dupree 6/14
Earl Poole 6/14
Ginger Hill 6/21
Lynne Holloman 6/21
Almetrice Smith 6/21
Julian Winfrey 6/23
Isabel Canady 6/24
Trey Gordon 6/26
Scott Chestnut 6/27
Ashley Dudley 6/29
Easton Kepley 6/30
July Birthdays
July Anniversaries
Cynthia Bomar 7/1 Roger & Ginger Hill 7/10
Bryanna Hicks 7/1 Herman & Dianne Lancaster 7/14
Bill McInnes 7/2 Clayton & Regina Bennett 7/18
Shane Dupree 7/5 Mark & Jackie Guy 7/18
Brandon Tigner 7/7
Darrell Haley 7/8
Ray Holloman 7/11
Cliff Holloman 7/14
CJ Johnson 7/15
Lexi Lee 7/18
Joyce Carter 7/19
Clayton Bennett 7/21
Sarah Chestnut 7/23
Cole Edwards 7/29

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