Announcements for Sunday, November 18, 2018

Gideons Sunday: This morning, we have a guest speaker from The Gideons International.
Community Thanksgiving Sing: This evening at 6 pm at Amelia Christian Church. We will not have our Bible Study here this evening. See Barbara Barbour.
Christmas Play Practice: This evening at 6 pm at the church. See Pam Radford.
Deacons Meeting: Monday, November 19 at 7 pm.
Nursing Home Outreach: Services begin at 7 pm. See Becky Harden.

Prayer Meeting: Wednesday, November 14 at 7 pm.
Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 22. We are blessed!
Hanging of the Green: Next Sunday evening, November 25 at 6 pm.
Meal Train: There is a meal train for Janet Codispoti for the next few weeks. If you would like to help, you can register through the church’s Facebook page, or see Pam Radford.
Christmas Luncheon: The Honey Bunn Class invites the seniors of the church (ages 65+) to a luncheon on Saturday, December 1 at noon in the Fellowship Hall. Please sign up in the foyer. See Sandra Canady.
Woman’s Auxiliary Secret Sister Reveal: Wednesday, December 5 at 7 pm. Please bring gift and card with three clues to your identity. See Donna Price and Tracey Thornton for details.

Greeters Nursery Attendants
Special Music
Sue Byrd
Pam Radford
Pauline Haislip John Spencer
Next Week
Johnny Codispoti
Janet Codispoti
Wanda Benson Crystal Robertson
November Birthdays
November Anniversaries
Emberly Fisher 11/2 Kerry & Barbara Chestnut 11/21
Linda Kennedy 11/2 Buck & Sandra Canady 11/22
Johnny Codispoti 11/3 John & Lilly Spencer 11/22
Traci Bunn 11/5 Scott & Janet Chestnut 11/23
Mike Haislip 11/5
Chuck Lee 11/5
Barbara Chestnut 11/7
Sandra Peedin 11/8
Danny Underwood 11/8
Beverly Casey 11/10
Louise Crabtree 11/11
Alexis Jones 11/11
Donna Price 11/11
Sandra Canady 11/17
Kerry Chestnut 11/17
Ricky McCleod 11/17
Ann Narron 11/22
Alhana Haney 11/26
Riley Haney 11/26
Spencer Hill 11/28
Mark Guy 11/29
Dean Hardy 11/30

Church Building

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