Prayer List

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I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
1 Timothy 2:1

Updated April 13, 2024:

AJ Adcox (J. Adcox)
Joyce Adcox (J. Solomon)
Denny Adcox (J. Adcox)
Dean Atwood (S. Day)
Reggie Autin (B. Barbour)
Nelson Bailey (D. Tant)
Freda Barbour (J. Solomon)
Barbara Barbour (S. Chestnut)
Jim Blackman (D. Riggs)
Chad Blake (R. Cormack)
Chance Blanton (D. Riggs)
Carol Blinson & family (D. Riggs)
Albert Boykin (P. Smith)
David Briest (S. Chestnut)
Loralye Briest and family (S. Chestnut)
Pam Briest (S. Chestnut)
Carol Broughton (S. Chestnut)
Michael Browning (S. Day)
Amanda Bunn (W. Benson)
Traci Bunn (W. Benson)
V. Cantrell (K. Cormack)
Donna Capps (S. Canady)
Janet Chestnut (S. Chestnut)
Kerry Chestnut (S. Chestnut)
Jeff Collins (S. Canady)
Tonya Collins (S. Canady)
Brodie Cormack (S. Chestnut)
Rob & Kelly Cormack (S. Chestnut)
Wes Coward (C. Narron)
Katrina Creech (D. Riggs)
Clifford Dale (F. Barbour)
Stephanie Davis (D. Riggs)
Skip & Dee Day (S. Day)
Karen Day (S. Day)
Skippy Day (S. Day)
Brooke Deener (A. Narron)
Sheila Deitz (S. Canady)
Chelsea Dutton (S. Chestnut)
Alice Edwards (J. Edwards)
Mark Gay (S. Day)
Tommy Glover (S. Day)
Polly Graeser (J. Chestnut)
Brenda Guin (R. McCleod)
Mike Haislip (K. Barnes)
Rev. Lloyd & Sandra Hargis (S. Chestnut)
Michelle Harris (J. Jones)
Barbara Hill (S. Canady)
Jim & Ann Holmes (B. Barbour)
William “Barry” Horton (J. Solomon)
Lisa Howe (J. Edwards)
Michael Hyde (J. Adcox)
Dale Ingram (J. Adcox)
Shalini Jindal (J. Chestnut)
Brittany Johnson (A. Narron)
Linda Johnson (J. Adcox)
Teresa Johnson (G. Dupree)
Vernon Johnson (W. Benson)
Dewayne Jones (J. Jones)
Jeremy Jones (R. Jones)
Niyati Joshi (J. Chestnut)
Willie Joyner (B. Barbour)
Katie Keen (E. Temple)
Nelson King (D. Day)
Betsy Langdon (J. Jones)
Ty Lumley (J. Solomon)
Carl Matthews (J. Gotshall)
Ricky McLeod (J. Solomon)
Nick McNeil (S. Chestnut)
Tia Meadows (G. Dupree)
Mark & Connie Munden (B. Canady)
Frank & Ann Narron (J. Solomon)
Terry Narron (C. Narron)
Tim Niles (S. Day)
Craig Norris (N. Norris)
Sharon O’Dell (S. Chestnut)
Tracy O’Keefe (C. Broughton)
Betty Penny (S. Canady)
Amy Pitt (S. Byrd)
Joy Pittman (J. Coats)
Nancy Poole (J. Solomon)
Donna Price and family (S. Chestnut)
Sandy Smith Provenzano (W. Benson)
Amy Quinn (B. Barbour)
Chris Radford (P. Radford)
Jimmy Raynor (W. Benson)
The Redding family (K. Barnes)
Patricia Reffett (S. Chestnut)
Keith & Renee Rivenbark (C. Narron)
Tom Ruivo (W. Benson)
Justin Sauls (B. Barbour)
Brenda Sears (S. Sears)
Isabel Sears (B. Sears)
Clif & Dianne Smith (C. Smith)
Donnie Smith (S. Chestnut)
John & Lilly Spencer (J. Chestnut)
Jennifer Stewart (J. Solomon)
LaRue Stevens (J. Solomon)
Denise Tant (S. Chestnut)
John Temple (J. Solomon)
Benjamin Terenyi (B. Sears)
DJ Underwood (G. Dupree)
Jose Valadez (J. Edwards)
Margaret Wall (S. Chestnut)
Becky Warren (S. Chestnut)
The Weber family (K. Barnes)
Bill Wells (J. Adcox)
The Wilkes family (E. Temple)
Billy Williams (J. Jones)
Charlie & Carol Williams (S. Chestnut)
Meredith Williams (W. Benson)
Barry Wright (S. Chestnut)
Betty Wright (S. Chestnut)
Vera Wright (D. Riggs)
persecuted Christians around the world
the people of Ukraine
the people of Israel
and always, the lost.

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