Mark & Connie Munden

From Mark:

Connie had a bad day last Friday when she went to Duke to have her chemo pump taken off. Started having problems and she went to ER until 11:30 that night. Her doctors told her that her kidneys where shutting down and would have to go on dialysis in the near future. She has had problems with her eyes for last few weeks. Today her doctor told her that she is going blind.
So, I need to read about Job in the Bible to get insight in our lives now.
Please keep Connie in your prayers.

Please pray for Mark and Connie as they face this newest trial.

Update 2 on Pastor Johnathan

The Urgent Care staff confirmed Pastor Johnathan has the flu (type A). Unfortunately, they were not able to give him anything to help, and they advised that he stay away from crowds for a few more days. Please continue to pray for him.

We will still have our regular services on Sunday. Todd Marcom will lead our Sunday morning Worship Service, and Scott Chestnut will lead our Bible Study on Sunday evening.

Percy & Almetrice Smith

Percy had his second physical therapy session this morning, and the pain in his arm has finally started to ease off a bit. He’s hoping to get a nap, as the pain has kept him up for the last few nights.

Percy is thankful for the relief and for the prayers and cards. Please continue to pray for his recovery, and pray for Almetrice as she deals with a cold.