On January 3, 1888, the church was founded. Our first church was named New Chapel. The land was purchased from Mr. A.T. Uzzle for the sum of $1.00. It was located near what is now known as the Dock Benson Farm. The worship services were on a quarter-time basis—Saturdays and Sundays. The total membership was 22. The early pastors of the church were J.C. Ellis, Rev. Stafford, J.R. Wallace, and H.R. Faircloth.

On December 4, 1914, new land, located along Powhatan Road in Clayton, was given to the church by Mr. M.H. Jones and Mrs. Ella J. Jones. The church was moved to this location, currently 3468 Powhatan Road, Clayton, North Carolina. In 1922, the Congregation of New Chapel began building a new sanctuary on the same location. The new sanctuary was completed in 1923, and upon completion and dedication, the New Chapel fellowship changed the name of the church to Powhatan in honor of an Indian Chief who had lived and camped in the community.

On November 15, 1923, additional land behind the church was purchased from Mrs. Ella Jones, Mr. James A. Jones, and Mrs. Hildred Jones to serve as the church cemetery. Shortly thereafter, Mr. W. H. Barnes, a deacon of the church, near the end of the work on the new sanctuary, went to purchase the finishing lumber for the bell tower and was killed when the pickup truck he was driving was struck by a train at the crossing located just south of the property. Brother Barnes was the first person to be buried in the new church cemetery.

On October 20, 1931, the church purchased from the Johnston County Board of Education, the Powhatan School Property located immediately adjacent to the church for $250. In 1945, the church added five new Sunday school classrooms in the back of the sanctuary and extended the worship services to half-time rather than on a quarterly basis. In 1957, the church began an extensive building program, adding a left wing, which consisted of five new Sunday School rooms and a pastor’s study. In 1959, new pews and floor furnaces were added. In December 1960, the organ and piano were purchased, and in 1961, the new fellowship hall was added which included a kitchen and two bathrooms. In 1963, the church added a baptistery, church sign, and parsonage. Since 1963, many wonderful renovations to the church have taken place enhancing its beauty and functionality.

Pastors who have served at Powhatan are:
Rev H.R. Faircloth (1916-1928); Rev. J.C. Griffin (1928-1929); Rev. H.R. Faircloth (1929-1931); Rev. W.E. Anderson (1931-1933); Rev. H.R Faircloth (1933-1936); Rev. G.C. Joyner (1936-1941); Rev. W.H. Lancaster (1941-1953); Rev. C.M. Coats (1953-1962); Rev. Kemery Ard (1962-1965); Rev. Eddie Edwards (1965-1968); Rev. M.T. Moore (1968-1973); Rev. Kemery Ard (1974-1978); Rev. Billy Nowell (1979-1981); Rev. Ronnie Mohn (1981-1982); Rev. Don Venable (1983-1995); Rev. Jim Bogle (1996-2010); Rev. Roger Hill (2011-2021); and Rev. Lloyd Hargis (Interim, 2021 – 2022).

Our current Pastor is Rev. Johnathan Solomon (Interim, February 2022 – May 2023; Pastor, May 2023 – present).

Church Building

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