Prayer List

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I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;
1 Timothy 2:1

Updated July 18, 2021:

Rev. Fred Baker (R. Hill)

JE Barbour (B. Barbour)

Odessa Barbour (R. Hill)

Betty Barnes (W. Benson)

Jim Bradshaw (S. Chestnut)

Charlie Beal (W. Beal)

Tony Bell (R. Hill)

Bryanne Belvin (W. Benson)

Clayton Bennett (R. Bennett)

Matthew Bennett (R. Bennett)

Wanda Benson (S. Chestnut)

Albert Boykin (P. Smith)

Carol Broughton (S. Chestnut)

Michael Browning (R. Hill)

Linda Bunn (W. Benson)

Traci Bunn (R. Hill)

Rayford Byrd (G. Byrd)

Sue Griffin Byrd (S. Chestnut)

Lamar Calloway (W. Beal)

Buck Canady (S. Canady)

Beverly Casey (W. Benson)

Deane Casey (B. Casey)

Judy Coats (R. Hill)

Mary Cobb (W. Beal)

Johnny Codispoti (S. Canady)

Kelly Cormack (W. Benson)

Philip Crapo (K. Underwood)

Becky Craven (W. Benson)

Clifford Dale (S. Greene)

Dee Day (S. Day)

Linda Davis (R. Hill)

Rev. Michael Dublin, Sr. (R. Hill)

Rev. Frank Eatman (W. Beal)

Ben Grady (S. Peedin)

Sue Greene (S. Chestnut)

Rev. Roger & Ginger Hill (S. Chestnut)

Kemper Hudson (R. Hill)

Marie Jethro (W. Benson)

Rev. Fred Johnson & wife (R. Byrd)

Tim Johnson (W. Beal)

Vernon Johnson (R. Hill)

Cheyenne Jones (W. Benson)

Ronni Krieger (P. Haislip)

Donna Fitzgerald (W. Benson)

Ricky McCleod (W. Benson)

Clara Morris (R. Hill)

Frank Narron (A. Narron)

Mike & Sharon O’Dell (S. Chestnut)

Patricia Odom (R. Hill)

Ken Parker (S. Chestnut)

Sandra Peedin (K. Cormack)

Rev. Keith Pelletier (R. Hill)

Earl & Nancy Poole (R. Hill)

Pam Radford (B. Canady)

Lisa Rathbone (W. Beal)

Patricia Reffett (S. Chestnut)

Linda Robbins (R. Hill)

Pat Rockwell (S. Chestnut)

Bob Scott (D. Harden)

Jesse Scott (R. Hill)

Almetrice Smith (P. Smith)

Kimberly Smith (R. Hill)

Percy & Almetrice Smith (S. Chestnut)

Shannon Smith-Burke (W. Beal)

Ava Spence (W. Benson)

Brenda Spencer (J. Chestnut)

Lilly Spencer (J. Chestnut)

Wendy Stephenson (R. Hill)

LaRue Stevens (D. Harden)

Phil Strickland (J. Adcox)

Rev. Ronnie Taylor (R. Hill)

Terri Tharington (R. Hill)

Kimberly Tracy (R. Hill)

Dennis Underwood (G. Underwood)

Gina Underwood (S. Chestnut)

Billy & Geraldine Williams (R. Hill)

Roger Willis (W. Beal)

The family of Sabra Willis (W. Benson)

the people of India (S. Chestnut),

and always, the lost.

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