Sermon Collections

We have assembled collections of related Sermons and Bible Studies below. These collections are also available on the Playlists section of our YouTube channel!

  • Advent – What is Advent and what does it mean for us?
  • A Sabbath Day with Jesus – An examination of the parables and stories Jesus shares one Sabbath day, as recorded in Luke.
  • Elisha – A study of the prophet and his ministry.
  • Focus – Where should we, as a church, concentrate our attention?
  • Matthew: Discover the Kingdom – A study of the Kingdom of God as presented in the Gospel of Matthew, comparing expectations to experience.
  • Samson – A study of the strengths and weaknesses of Israel’s famous judge.
  • Standing Firm – What does it mean to “walk worthy” of our faith, our calling, and our God?
  • The Book of Acts – A series of Bible Study lessons on Acts.
  • The Book of Genesis – A series of lessons on the first book of the Bible.
  • The Way – A series of lessons from the Gospel of Matthew.
  • Time to Rebuild – A sermon series on rebuilding the church.


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