Blessing Box

Powhatan now maintains a blessing box in the parking lot, for anyone who needs small grocery or convenience items. The box is regularly checked and maintained by Connie Barton, but anyone is welcome to contribute items — simply place them inside.

Please be mindful of weather conditions, as the box is not insulated and liquids can easily freeze in cold temperatures.

Suggested items include:

  • food items – pouches of tuna or chicken, beef jerky, protein bars, dried fruits, dried beans, pancake mix, Hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, cake or muffin mix, individually packed snack foods, canned foods
  • toiletries – bar soap, shampoo & conditioner, toothbrushes & toothpaste, brushes, combs, hair ties, tissues, feminine hygiene products
  • cleaning products – dish soap, all-purpose cleaners, disinfecting wipes, laundry detergent, sponges, bleach
  • baby items – diapers, baby wipes, rash ointment, baby food in plastic containers, baby cereals, dry formula (unopened), baby lotion, baby shampoo

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