Why should I go to church?

There are many great reasons to attend church! It offers a chance to strengthen your faith and deepen your understanding of God through uplifting worship, heartfelt prayer, and engaging Bible study. Moreover, being part of a community is an absolutely incredible experience that fills you with a deep sense of belonging. Learn what it is to be a cherished member of a compassionate community of like-minded believers who can inspire and uplift one another on their beautiful spiritual journey!

The church is an amazing place to discover guidance on how to follow God, nurture your faith, and embrace God’s calling for your life! Christians love coming together to worship God! It’s a special and sacred duty for us. The church has the incredible power to touch hearts, transform lives, extend invitations to the world to turn away from sin, uplift those who are in need, and inspire followers of the Lord to love and serve Christ Jesus.

If you would like to visit or learn more about Powhatan, see our About Us page. Also, view recent services on our Sermons page or our YouTube channel.

Church Building

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