Chance Blanton

From Chance’s mother, via Donna Riggs:

Chance was taken via ambulance to our local hospital last night around 8 and Duke life flight ground crew picked him up at 4am this morning arriving to Duke at 7am. We were changing his diaper when we heard a pop and immediately he started crying and his right leg started to swell.

It was confirmed that it is broken. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around how in the world it could break just by changing his diaper but after speaking with his doctor, orthopedic doctor and OT they all agree due to him getting bigger, having muscular dystrophy and non weight bearing that his bones are dense and brittle also known as Osteopenia. The xray also showed he has very thin bones also. I am still baffled either way and it just hurts.

I am absolutely devistated. He is on his way back to the operating room now. He will be in a huge body cast waist down on one side and half way down on other side for 10 weeks. I honestly have no clue how I’m gonna do this! I have no clue what he can sit on or how to maneuver any of it. This is way outside of the “norm”. Please pray for us both. My momma heart is really hurting!

I want to especially thank Clark(Superman), Brandon, Chris and another gentleman from the Newport Paradmedics team and our nurse Carol. I am so thankful to the staff at Carteret General who were all so kind and to Kristen and his other Duke Emergency Room caretakers/doctors, and preoperative staff for jumping in and saving the day. He has so many incredible people in his corner!

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