Charlie Beal

From Linda Beal:

“After several falls, Charlie will be admitted to the hospital today. He has been in the ER since this morning. We are not sure if it will be at Halifax Port Orange or Daytona. After a short stay they plan to send him to rehab.”

Please pray for Charlie, Wayne & Linda, and the rest of the family.

Earl & Nancy Poole

On the way back from a visit to Florida, Earl and Nancy were passing through LaGrange, GA when Earl began exhibiting signs of a possible stroke. He is in a hospital in LaGrange (Nancy is with him) while they check for a stroke and possible pneumonia. Their son is on his way down to bring them home whenever Earl can be released. Please pray for them and their family!

Update on Sandra Peedin

From Kelly:

“Momma’s new address is BellaRose c/o Sandra Peedin Room 408B 200 BellaRose Lake Way Garner, NC 27529. Visitation is open for 2 people at a time from 11-7 every day. She doesn’t have a phone number yet except her cell. She doesn’t have her cell right now. It is messed up but will hopefully be fixed soon. This place is MUCH nicer. Please keep us in your prayers.”

How to visit Sandra Peedin

From Sandra’s daughter, Kelly:

“Call 919-772-8888 and ask to speak to “T”, you will give him your email address and he will send you the calendar. It fills up fast! 2 people can go at a time & arrive about 15 minutes early for a COVID test. The address is The Laurels of Forest Glenn c/o Sandra PEEDIN Room 212A 1101 Hartwell St. Garner, NC 27529.”